Man Born Without A Collarbone

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  1. SerenityUsagi77
    8 dagar sedan

    The small business owners were just so wholesome, I hope they are doing well in these difficult times

    1. *Ariana alisa*
      *Ariana alisa*
      5 dagar sedan


    2. A.F.A Anti furry action
      A.F.A Anti furry action
      5 dagar sedan

      BLM when they see a Small business: BURNb

    3. Enrique Guevara
      Enrique Guevara
      5 dagar sedan

      same :`)

    4. Daniel Such
      Daniel Such
      7 dagar sedan


    5. Daniel Such
      Daniel Such
      7 dagar sedan


  2. Denys Yossell
    Denys Yossell
    2 timmar sedan

    Is nobody gonna talk abt. M o n k e

  3. Raven HelDraca
    Raven HelDraca
    2 timmar sedan

    that bow staff guy should have been aang in the atla movie

  4. Francisco Paz
    Francisco Paz
    2 timmar sedan

    GF: show me what you can do with your hands Me 😎: 0:29

  5. Jeffzilla 07 Animations
    Jeffzilla 07 Animations
    2 timmar sedan

    Put the PILLAR MEN theme into that guy

  6. Jeffrey Osborn
    Jeffrey Osborn
    2 timmar sedan

    I don't often comment on videos but the small business owners... that's just adorable. I'm happy for them.

  7. Flammon
    3 timmar sedan

    The duality of man

  8. dean nelson
    dean nelson
    3 timmar sedan

    Second one is fake.

    3 timmar sedan

    Wut da fawk. What did the first guy just do?

    3 timmar sedan

    O cara deve ter quebrado os braços quando fez isso kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. Quercus 434
    Quercus 434
    3 timmar sedan

    That one kid who always spins pen when bored 0:30

  12. Tokiya Okihara
    Tokiya Okihara
    3 timmar sedan

    Samsung Galaxy Fold

  13. krishnaramdas
    3 timmar sedan

    11:00 OMG AMONG US REFERENCE🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😵😵😵😵😵😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳OMG NGL HELLA SUS OMG

  14. Px407
    3 timmar sedan

    Dash is that you?

  15. Aqreel Afarly
    Aqreel Afarly
    4 timmar sedan

    Goat drinks sprite?

  16. XXXTentacion J.
    XXXTentacion J.
    4 timmar sedan


    4 timmar sedan

    that thing is gross

  18. Naiyan Kabir
    Naiyan Kabir
    4 timmar sedan


  19. gfgguy_wav
    4 timmar sedan

    Harry Styles without a collarbone.

  20. AustinWasTaken
    4 timmar sedan

    You can tell the mother monkey was very thankful

  21. alex rider
    alex rider
    4 timmar sedan

    Fuck engineering, I want to be a goat farmer now

  22. orange demon
    orange demon
    4 timmar sedan

    Thanks,i hate it

  23. Hisoka
    4 timmar sedan

    Bow staff guy just looks like my pole arm characters in genshin impact

  24. Uncharted Dude10
    Uncharted Dude10
    5 timmar sedan

    if i were to fight the bow guy, and he just did that, i would be terrified

  25. Bella T
    Bella T
    5 timmar sedan

    That was the mouse in Coraline

  26. Diego Diego
    Diego Diego
    5 timmar sedan


  27. ꧁ Solenoid X ꧂
    ꧁ Solenoid X ꧂
    5 timmar sedan

    0:17 What I hear on my neighbors house

  28. Yastığının Altındaki O Küçük Şerefsiz Sincap
    Yastığının Altındaki O Küçük Şerefsiz Sincap
    5 timmar sedan

    i came here by typing "The Giant Enemy Spider"

  29. CampbellPLAYzz
    5 timmar sedan

    It look like the rodent said "later" at the end of the video. lol

  30. CallMeMartin
    5 timmar sedan

    0:07 AMOGUS

  31. Lilac Juvia
    Lilac Juvia
    6 timmar sedan

    Let's appreciate the fact he didn't clickbait us even on april fools

  32. KiDS CXi00iX
    KiDS CXi00iX
    6 timmar sedan

    I can’t Unsee AmogUs in the Thumbnail

  33. Valentino Jakac
    Valentino Jakac
    6 timmar sedan

    K o o l

  34. Rath Soursdey
    Rath Soursdey
    6 timmar sedan

    The monkey reunite so cute

    6 timmar sedan

    0:52 a teenager who wants to become a super saiyan, so wholesome.

  36. Jassy A.
    Jassy A.
    6 timmar sedan

    uhh mama bear!!!

  37. Despair Dorothy
    Despair Dorothy
    6 timmar sedan

    0:32 if he's in star war, no one can beat him xDDD

  38. Malfurionxtc
    6 timmar sedan

    Dude without collarbone ? So what... women are born without dicks, go make a video about that 😂😂😂😂

  39. Ride a cracker Dick
    Ride a cracker Dick
    6 timmar sedan

    Youngboy fanz be like

  40. HELLGUYY344
    6 timmar sedan

    0:03 i cant unforget that now

  41. Jannat Valitova
    Jannat Valitova
    6 timmar sedan

    Those at the end are mice from Coraline! 😄

  42. The Warden of Oz
    The Warden of Oz
    6 timmar sedan

    Question: would not having a collarbone be advantageous in a fight?

  43. drashni cioulette
    drashni cioulette
    6 timmar sedan

    Doing push - ups backwards, wow i want that!!!

  44. dfetyopl
    6 timmar sedan

    0:36 Naruto's son

  45. Avinash Dubey
    Avinash Dubey
    7 timmar sedan

    2:55 for fck sake! I want that

  46. Aryan Goyal
    Aryan Goyal
    7 timmar sedan

    0:32 I want to see this guy in black panther sequel

  47. nilboG
    7 timmar sedan

    This dude could do a very good creeper cosplay

  48. TypicalMeatball
    7 timmar sedan

    The arm cracking prisim oompa would approve

  49. WitherWizard21
    7 timmar sedan

    Aswwwww how are baby monkeys so cute

  50. gutek guteks
    gutek guteks
    7 timmar sedan

    Rudy potrafi 🤣😂

  51. Kory Vogel
    Kory Vogel
    7 timmar sedan

    So lucky mine are huge broke them twice

  52. Kay Kutscher
    Kay Kutscher
    7 timmar sedan

    0:06 Waht the😳😳😳

  53. Fuck Google
    Fuck Google
    8 timmar sedan

    Hey I was a goat framer for a summer! Chickens to, and ducks, and peacocks, and a bunch of plants...

  54. Anon
    8 timmar sedan


  55. vxlekzz960
    8 timmar sedan

    Am I the only person who thought of Gaten Moterazzo at the beginning

  56. Kayden Latham
    Kayden Latham
    8 timmar sedan

    0:30 HOLY

  57. Just Chillint
    Just Chillint
    8 timmar sedan

    I thought this was jack Harlow😂😂

  58. Kylie Bateman
    Kylie Bateman
    9 timmar sedan

    He looks like the among us guy

  59. zayy games
    zayy games
    9 timmar sedan

    Yo bro with bow staff need to be in star wars

  60. Sarey Mayor
    Sarey Mayor
    9 timmar sedan

    Everyone mourning over Philip's death.. And I'm here wondering why the HELL didn't he complete his 100 years...

  61. B S
    B S
    9 timmar sedan

    Bow staff guy is literally doing everything an 8 year old girl can do with a cheerleading baton.... He's not an expert and does t actually know how to USE it.

  62. zepticlo23lx
    9 timmar sedan

    The with the bow staff the last move he do that to move the bow staff to the other hand

  63. Christian Beall
    Christian Beall
    9 timmar sedan

    Gotta keep those goats energized with sprite

  64. UR UGLY
    9 timmar sedan


  65. Jorge82mk2 Animations
    Jorge82mk2 Animations
    9 timmar sedan

    3:03 Now it's time to get funky!

  66. Mhiko GM
    Mhiko GM
    9 timmar sedan

    0:24 Man: Are you ok ? Girl: Do u think ?

  67. LAW XIN ER Moe
    LAW XIN ER Moe
    9 timmar sedan

    0:46 Whoa...

  68. Troller The Video
    Troller The Video
    10 timmar sedan

    Levi but a real human and not beat titans. He beat thiefs in home.

  69. Mitchell King
    Mitchell King
    10 timmar sedan

    The gerboa is a nano kangaroo

  70. Mitchell King
    Mitchell King
    10 timmar sedan

    Ahhh sprite

  71. Hugo_420
    10 timmar sedan

    The mouse from Coraline 🙀🙀

  72. H4mza_1002
    10 timmar sedan

    2:02 is he feeding them sprite

  73. Eli Sabic
    Eli Sabic
    10 timmar sedan

    The sounds on the bow staff tho

  74. Miz Liquid Melon
    Miz Liquid Melon
    10 timmar sedan

    0:04 - Well, basically T-Jass

  75. P I Z Z A R I Y A
    P I Z Z A R I Y A
    11 timmar sedan

    Did you know that in the future we are gonna lose our collar bones

  76. Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips
    11 timmar sedan

    Yea, I Broke His Collarbone

  77. Ceda
    11 timmar sedan

    the mokeys

  78. Dallas Glover
    Dallas Glover
    11 timmar sedan

    1:57 that’s what I feeling like after the Cayo parika heist in gta 5

  79. Gwazan
    11 timmar sedan

    I think he can escape from those jail bars

  80. Nel Massachs
    Nel Massachs
    11 timmar sedan

    “Roses are dead” “Violets are dying” “Outside i’m smiling” “But inside i’m crying” I don’t ask you anything, just if you want, give my GoProvids a chance and you’ll see.....

  81. GalactusCactus
    11 timmar sedan

    the ban putting his arms front and in the back he looks like a creeper lol

  82. King-Game
    11 timmar sedan

    The Small Business Owners: UH HUH WE DID IT! The Lady: Could I return this item please. The Small Business Owners: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  83. ꧁M̶ልs̸ᗩ ꧂
    ꧁M̶ልs̸ᗩ ꧂
    11 timmar sedan

    My collarbones hurt 😭 😭

  84. ValensBellator
    12 timmar sedan

    Wait, do we even need collarbones? 😂

  85. Jackson war315
    Jackson war315
    12 timmar sedan

    Jake Paul

  86. bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo
    12 timmar sedan

    0:25 the f*cking ping is priceless 😂😂

    1. dean nelson
      dean nelson
      2 timmar sedan

      The video is fake

  87. Thurman Merman
    Thurman Merman
    12 timmar sedan

    LMFAO thought this was Lash Le'roux from wcw no disrespect.

  88. Fefek1
    12 timmar sedan

    How 9 year old me thinks playing with a stick looks like: 0:42

    1. bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo
      12 timmar sedan

      0:29 “I’m pretty good with a bow staff” -Napoleon

  89. Dot The block
    Dot The block
    12 timmar sedan

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like a blonde boffy

  90. Memester Me-Me
    Memester Me-Me
    12 timmar sedan

    Second one I’m like level 100 samurai

    12 timmar sedan

    why does this guy sound like a beaten down leafy ahah

  92. Elizabeth Wise
    Elizabeth Wise
    13 timmar sedan

    The bowstaff dude just made me think: CAT NOIR TIMES 1000

  93. Coach
    13 timmar sedan

    0:25 oof

  94. Danny Boi
    Danny Boi
    13 timmar sedan

    i didnt expect that pokemon in the end

  95. Your Average Dumbass
    Your Average Dumbass
    13 timmar sedan

    0:31 Bro he is putting Donatello's Bo Staff skills to shame

  96. Ethan Montero
    Ethan Montero
    13 timmar sedan

    My mind is blownn🤯🤯

  97. GoatInAJetPack
    13 timmar sedan

    2:02 soon those goats will go off and get their jetpacks like me

  98. Seth Dumayag
    Seth Dumayag
    13 timmar sedan

    0:32 My mom when I didn't do my chores

  99. Faze vc T
    Faze vc T
    13 timmar sedan

    The man is doing his best😉